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Our Competitive Advantages

Here is why you should do business with Innovopak

Leading Edge Manufacturing Equipment

Our company’s focus on investing in state of the art hybrid technology makes Innovopak your first choice for quality parts at a very competitive price. Research has shown hybrid machines significantly reduce power consumption with no sacrifice of injection speed, capacity, and accuracy. This translates into lower production costs and better pricing giving our customers a competitive edge in their market. This equipment is also ideally suited to the manufacture of thin-walled containers. In addition Innovopak has cap lining capabilities.

Customer Service

Dealing with a smaller manufacturer ensures you will be engaging directly with the decision makers. Answers that can take days or weeks with larger companies we can provide in a few hours. Innovopak’s ability to offer customers cost effective small to large production volumes off varying mould sizes is a definite benefit to our customers. In addition our in-house mould repair operation keeps Innovopak and customer owned tooling in excellent working order at all times.

Product Examples

Here are some examples of the products that we produce.

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